Health Care in the Face of the Climate Crisis

Jeff Bezos recently adorned the cover of the magazine The Atlantic. The maga- zine had taken presumptive liberties and carved up the profile of his brain to summarize his “master plans.” A sizable portion of the cortex was assigned to the goal of “colonize outer space.” Other notables included “tax avoidance,” “more Jeff-bots,” and slogans […]

2020 View of Women’s Heart Health

It’s great to see State street adorned with American Heart Association (AHA) flags to celebrate American Heart Month.  Though for a cardiologist, every month should be heart health month, it does help to intensify the message every February.   February also celebrates the Go Red for Women campaign, a remarkably successful cause campaign launched in […]

PCI and the Planet

The arteries had been recanalized, the Swan- Ganz catheter was in place to help guide clinical decisions, a temporary venous pacer was faithfully generating 80 impulses a minute, and the hemodynamic support device was unloading the sickened muscle. The patient had shown up on the verge of death and now was leaving the cath lab […]

Tennis and Interventional Cardiology

The great game of tennis has origins that date back to 1,000 BC when French monks played ceremonial “je de paume,” or game of the hand. Initial tennis balls were wooden, and the first wooden racket used was laced with sheep gut. It was not until the invention of rubber and the bouncier ten- nis […]

Training Millennials

Of all the transitions after starting the multitiered training process in medicine, the fellow to attending evolution has to be one of the most daunting. The onus of responsibility that occurs after graduating fellowship is several orders of magnitude more challenging than even the medical student to intern transition. It seems that almost overnight a […]

Do No Harm, To Patients Or The Planet

It is a virtual certainty that humans have played and continue to play a vital role in global climate change. We have now reached a point where climate change is considered the greatest threat to human health and survival in the 21st century (1). Continuing with business as usual and taking a head in the […]

Viewing Serena’s Outburst as A Woman in Medicine

The tennis fan in me, the woman in me and the career professional in me were all uncomfortable watching the drama unfold at the US Open Women’s Tennis Championship this year. By now, everyone knows the details and most have an opinion. Serena Williams found herself reacting to an umpire who forgot that his job […]