Our History

Santa Barbara Cardiovascular Medical Group was established in 1974 when David Gillon, M.D. finished his cardiology fellowship at New England Deaconess Hospital in Boston, MA and joined Blaine Braniff, M.D., who had come to Santa Barbara in 1968 after finishing his fellowship at Stanford University.  The partnership thrived, providing first-class cardiovascular care to the community in a time when modern diagnostic tools were not yet available and heart surgery was only offered at a few major centers in the country.  In 1978 Bill Alton, M.D. joined the group, and was followed a few years later by Alan Brown, M.D. and then Ed Wroblewski, M.D in 1988.

Over the years the group became well-established consultative cardiologists at Santa Barbara General Hospital and then Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital as well as St. Francis Hospital until its closure in 2003.  The prevalence of coronary artery disease led the group to combat this disease process in the cardiac catheterization lab, spear-heading the development of angioplasty and placement of intra-coronary stents in Santa Barbara.  Dr. Braniff retired in 2000 and in the ensuing years the group added two interventional cardiologists to their ranks, Tom Watson, M.D. and Sanjay Kumar, M.D.  Members of the practice have held various hospital positions, including Chairman of the Department of Cardiology, Director of the cardiac catheterization lab, Director of the coronary care unit, board member of the Cottage Board of Directors and Chief of Staff.  As some of the partners moved in to retirement or administrative positions at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital, new cardiologists have continued the tradition established by the founding partners.  In recent years, the group has added  Dan Jurewitz , M.D. who joined  in 2013 and Vishal Goyal, M.D. who joined in 2015.  In 2016 the group added its newest member, Caleb Thompson, M.D. as a structural heart/interventional cardiologist.

Santa Barbara Cardiovascular Medical group has served the community for over 40 years and remains committed to preserving quality of life through compassionate and dedicated cardiovascular treatment.